How to properly praise good work

My inaugural post for my new ‘Like a boss’ category. Intended to keep track of fascinating quotes, tools, and techniques in the managing realm, so I can stop saying things like ‘synergy’ and ‘blue sky thinking’.

First up:

Couple good quotes:

We all like to feel smart and talented. It turns out that whether we attribute it to natural ability or to hard work is a strong predictor of how successful we’ll be.

Huysse shared three of Twitter’s ten core values she believes underlie its success: Seek diverse perspectives; recognize that passion and personality matter; and innovate through experimentation.

At the core of a growth mindset on talent is neuroplasticity — the ability of the brain to reorganize itself with learning. It requires not just working at what you know, but pushing past into areas that stretch your knowledge and skills. A favorite quote of Dweck’s: “Anyone who’s never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”