2010 Florida State SCCA Solo Championships

Participated in the Florida State SCCA Solo Championships this weekend with the Buccaneer region SCCA club. Almost 80 entrants and held at the Gainesville Raceway road course.

I had a blast, finished 5th out of 17th in my class (Tire, E-stock). Could have taken 4th were it not for an AWESOME spinout on my fastest run (I cant stress how awesome it was…). [PDF link of results]

Saturday was a test and tune with a slightly different course layout. Sweet little video of that available here. Nia got to drive Frances (our faaaabulous Miata) that day, but she decided to skip Sunday. Though she came to give her support and eat peanut butter and jelly sammiches as she watched.

Here’s a video she shot of one of my runs:


update: some additional videos (not mine)