The Miata Incident

So I bought a Miata. Quite random, in a way, but completely practical.

It will be my dedicated track car, and when it comes to budget racers, a Miata is hard to beat. The car weighs in at approx.  2300lbs, has front and rear double wishbone suspension, it’s RWD, 50/50 weight distribution, and an extremely low center of gravity.

They’re also dependable and cheap.

I purchased it for $3k from a small local dealer. It’s a 1995 M-Edition (150,000 miles) with those sweet 12lb 15″ BBS forged wheels.

I’ve spent this first week doing maintenance on it (some which was way overdue). Flushing fluids, belts, gaskets, etc. Don’t be alarmed — I didnt do it on my own… I want a RUNNING car. For the belts and gasket’s I was lucky to find a great local mechanic: Don Ahrens Automotive . I knew I had found the right place when I walked into the office. The walls and shelves were covered in SCCA championships. This is exactly the kind of person I want working on my car.

The easier stuff I did myself (flushing fluids), and hopefully moving forward I’ll be able to do the performance modifications myself. The first mod on the list is to refresh the brakes. I thought something was severely wrong with the braking system because they felt so soft, but the mechanic thinks it might just be due to cheap hard pads.  So, off to TireRack to order some Hawks HP Plus Race pads. Then I went on down to NAPA to buy some OE-spec rotors, just as a precaution.

Oh, and of course, the tire upgrade — Dunlop Direzza z1 Star Specs. Those showed up next day…. love that TireRack shipping system.

At any rate, there are a few autocrosses coming over the next month, so hopefully the car will be in good-enough shape to let me toss it around and get back in the driver’s seat.