Kayak Camping at Hall Creek Florida

So this Halloween we decided to go kayak camping. We’re normally pretty bad campers… setup camp in a comfy park with showers and amenities, and for dinner make a run to publix to grill something yummy.

Though we only did it overnight, this was a bit rougher than normal.

We paddled aprox. 5 miles from the Cedar Key #4 bridge public boat ramp eventually leading us to the Hall Creek entrance. We then took the creek up to the “campsite” entrance.

When we first arrived at the “campsite”, we couldn’t really tell much, as it wasn’t obvious to us that this was it. We got out of our kayaks into mushy ground and tried to find a trail into this small tree island. Eventually Nia found something resembling a trail, and when we walked in we were completely surprised. The grounds were cleared with stacks of wood and debris, and the grounds were relatively nice.


The other thing that made this campsite kind of neat were all the monarch butterflies at the site. It was kind of bizarre, in fact. There were 30+ of them flying about in just this little area, and it made for a pretty interesting sight.

photo 6

…the only thing we need to remember for next time is: TIDES!

When we arrived at the site, it was high tide, so it was easy to get off of the kayaks and onto land. When we left, it was low tide. To call it ‘difficult’ would be an understatement. We had to grab planks of wood and push down the tall (and sharp) grass to make a path to the part of the creek that wasn’t 100% mud.

photo 4

photo 7