Great commentary on Health Insurance Rescission

This commentary by Taunter Media, ‘Unconscionable Math‘ is an incredible glimpse into one of the games insurance companies play with their policy holders.

I’m especially outraged by them today, seeing as how I received my 2nd ‘denial of claim’ response from CIGNA for my wisdom tooth extraction. 4 years of paying premiums with no claims, and that’s what I get.

I had an emergency procedure out of network, while at the same time had some wisdom teeth removed (at the suggestion of the physician). Apparently wisdom teeth removal was far too outrageous of a claim for CIGNA to compensate me for, and I am thus DENIED. I think the solution will be to cancel my policy, pocket the $360/yr I send to CIGNA, and pay my EXTREMELY RARE dental procedures out of pocket.

I think in the end it’s their loss. How many significant dental procedures does a young male actually have in his life? I guess this is what a ‘free market’ approach means to Health Insurance. I buy a service, I get ripped off, and I’m forced to eat it and walk away. Normally it’s a lesson learned, but when it deals with your health, it just doesn’t seem right to me.