Great article summarizing the fringe republican position on health care up to this point…

Johann Hari (of whom I’ve never read anything else from) really nailed a recent opinion piece I found on digg,  The Republican Party Is Turning Into A Cult

I wish the article had more links to all of the stories it references, but I otherwise know the occurrences they talk about, and they are really concerning.

Palin’s death panels lie (which has now spread to VA Death Books for veterans… more outright fear tactics. The guy authoring that opinion tried to sell the VA his own life planning book, but they refused. Bitter?), Laffer’s lack of understanding on Medicare, etc. etc.

If the mainstream republican response revolved around a constitutional discussion on the role of government, a constitutional lack of mandate for health care, or a debate on interstate commerce exploitation, then I’d be ready for that discussion. It would be intelligent, it would be practical, and it wouldn’t involve blatant lies and distortion.

While I’m not ready to agree completely with Hari that much of this hard right logic is based on “faith”, I will say its a very interesting observation that can probably help explain many of the irrational arguments and memes the right has been throwing around.