Altima gets some new shoes

wheels-rearSo after a year of neglect, I decided to do something nice for the Altima, and get her some news shoes (and stereo).

The wheels are Borbet Type XL 18s, wrapped with 225/45ZR18 General Exclaim UHP, courtesy of Tirerack

The shipping was super fast, and the packing was good. Hats off to TireRack for a completely painless experience… their site made it easy to outfit the car and pick the right hardware without any work.

As for the stereo, it’s a Pioneer FH-P8000BT. I wanted something that could rock bluetooth (both from the phone for calling, and from a media device for streaming audio), and this unit did it. I wired the iPod cable into the glove compartment box, where an iPod classic sits, locked up away from prying eyes.

The unit turns on super fast, and is playing my music before I even take the car out of reverse.

My only complaint right now is apple, and their lack of AVRCP support with the iPhone. AVRCP is the bluetooth profile that would let my stereo control my phone (so I could go through songs without connecting it). Let’s hope they fix their implantation of it soon.