Autocross Event: Spring Has Sprung Edition

With the cold and miserable north central florida winter moving past (every winter is cold and miserable for me), the SCCA Buccaneer region held their first AutoX event for 2011. My dad came up to counter-balance the car and help navigate through the sea of cones (oh, and brought up this totally awesome rollbar:)

Only 1 other person entered into the Tire (PAX) class and he seemed to be a little green. I was able to take first in the class by a pretty substantial margin. Truth is, I was really aiming for the other guys in ES and STS, but didnt come close.

Overall, I can feel myself getting more and more comfortable with the car. I’m correcting my inputs at much faster rates and beginning to see more opportunities for picking up time. Should be a fun year.

Final Results


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  1. Pa
    March 4, 2011

    Looks like my 155 lbs. adds a second to your times. Get some shocks, sway bar and a harness and you’ll be under 52 secs 🙂

    (tires put you at 50!? … oh my)

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